The 2018 Canadian National Championships take place this Saturday in Peterborough’s historic Nicholl’s Oval. On Sunday, the Canadian season ends with a C2 race at the same venue. This year’s championships promise to be a great showdown between several riders who…more

The European season is in full swing as we approach mid-November. This past Thursday, the DVV Trofee finally got…more

This past weekend was a big one for North American riders. Silver Goose CX hosted the Pan-American Championships in…more

The 2018 Pan-American Championships take place this Sunday in Midland, Ontario, Canada at the Silver Goose Cyclocross race. It marks the firs time the event has taken place outside…more

The 2018 European Championships (UEC) take place this Sunday at the Autotron Rosmalen in the Netherlands. This is the third time the Netherlands has hosted the race and the first…more

The 2018/19 DVV Trofee finally kicks off Thursday in Oudenaarde with Koppenbergcross. The main feature on the course is its namesake climb, made famous by the Tour of Flanders…more

It was another busy weekend for European cyclocross. There were ten races in 13 different countries, including a pair of C1 races in Spain and another in the Czech Republic…more